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Have you ever had a hankering to play Yu-Gi-Oh! but didn’t have access to someone to play nor the cards for it or just wanted to put a deck together to try before you buy? I have and I have found a few solutions to scratch that itch. There are multiple programs that allow you to create decks and duel others online. I’m gonna review a few today.

Dueling Network

Dueling Network is a Flash based website that requires you to sign up and create an account for completely free. The site is somewhat automated by following the most up to date banlist, automatic card draw at the draw phase and basic card movements. The part that isn’t automated however, which I see as both good and bad, is the effects of the cards and the lifepoint calculator. This is a good thing because it requires you to learn your deck and remember what does what, which is good practice for real duels. The downside to effects not being automated is that if you are learning a completely new deck, it will take you a little longer because you may have to read the cards and plan out what possibilities you have before you. Their card database is always up to date, they support single, match and tag duels, chat and private chat. Also all your decks are saved online so you can access it from anywhere. The site comes with rankings and experience points and as you get more and more wins you can change the picture of your avatar. FYI 10,000 wins gets you the Black Luster Soldier and Dragon Master Knight as your avatars.

Check out the Dueling Network here->


YGOPro is a program that is downloaded online. The cool thing with this program is it can be carried around on a flash drive and used with any Windows machine because all of the decks you create are stored in its local folder. The program works very well. The only issue I have had with it is some connection problems but those are very rare. It works somewhat the same way Duelist Network does except you don’t have to sign up for it. You create a player name and connect to their servers, find the duel you want and play an opponent. The upside to this program over Duelist Network though is that the card effects that activate say when something is summoned are activated automatically along with the lifepoint calculator. You don’t have to go searching or explain what you are doing to your opponent. If my opponent summons a monster, my face down trap card Saber Hole will prompt me if I want to use it. It follows the card rulings to the letter as well. I am very curious as to the programming side of it more than the playing side though. =D

Click here to go to navigate to YGOPro->

Yu-Gi-Oh! Companion

Yu-Gi-Oh! Companion is a very handy app for Android only that allows you to create decks, look up cards, set up life point calculators, dice rolls and coin flips, look up the ban list, and share your decks online. It also allows you to track your stats based on wins, losses, total duels percentage won by either your personal player data and by deck. Its great to have on the go in case you remember a card you were thinking about earlier and need to add it to your deck or make quick changes to what is in your build. Its a fantastic addition to anyone who has an Android smartphone or tablet.

Feel free to download the app to your device via the Google Play Store Link here->

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