Pokemon Mega Evolutions Go Old School

In this morning’s Nintendo Direct Nintendo made a lot of Pokemon fans really really happy, including myself. The biggest news is that in X & Y you not only are going to be getting the starters originally announced this year but you are also getting the original starters we all love back from the first game. So your friends from the game give you one set of Pokemon to choose from, and the professor gives you another set; though there hasn’t been any confirmation on how early in gameplay you get these two choices, if they are close to the beginning of the game that that will be a huge bonus for the player. Being able to have two main types of your choice right off the bat  will be a huge deal. No more settling for a Weedle or some other place holder Pokemon to get you started.

It was also revealed this morning that Blastoise, Venusaur and Charizard will all have mega evolutions. They were shown in the video this morning, and although they don’t look very different it is still really cool that they are being included as part of the new mega evolutions.The rumor is that the new game will feature around 150 new Pokemon, but that around 40 or so of those are going to be new mega evolutions. So only about 100 new Pokemon, and the rest will be evolutions of new and old Pokemon. These new reveals help give that a little more validity, and with the earlier announcement of Blaziken’s mega evolution there is a good chance that many of these mega evolutions will be for starter Pokemon.

Nintendo also announced a new service called Pokemon Bank that will allow players to store their Pokemon in the cloud for a 5 dollar annual fee. You will be able to store around 3000 Pokemon which is way more than the on board storage in X & Y. This will also allow you to transfer Pokemon from Black, White, Black 2 and White 2 and send them to X & Y via a new system called the Pokemon Transporter. This will be a 3DS only app, and does require an annual fee, but paying for it once may be worth it to have all of the Pokemon from the other games transferable.

Here is a video of the mega evolutions for the original starters, and below that is the full Nintendo Direct they showed.

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